Mrs Delois Seasonings Garlic Granules-Roasted

Mrs Delois Seasonings Garlic Granules-Roasted

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Roasted garlic that is milled to desired size which is coarser than garlic granules. Has a roasted flavor and aroma.


Used in soups, wet and dry salsas, bottle packs, spaghetti sauce, rice mixes, sauces, gravy mixes, salad dressings, dips, pickled products, spice blends, red meat products, poultry products, seafood products, pork products, canned foods, dry casserole mixes, pizza and other fast foods, relishes, catsup, mustard, frozen specialty foods, stuffing mixes, prepared breads, breading mixes, ethnic foods, pet food, snack foods, food service packs, bagels, potato salad, beef and chicken bouillon.